Work In Progress
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Server Features:
- Friendly-Fire enabled
- Auto-Nuke detonation at 20 minutes to avoid prolonged rounds. Moderators can intervene to end rounds taking too long.
- Short spawn protection
- SCP-049 proximity chat

Server Rules
1. Intentionally teamkilling teammates with the inspiration to ruin gameplay or experience is prohibited. Teamkill is enabled to encourage players to keep aware of their surroundings.
2. Killing detained persons is not allowed. You should work to escort detained personnel from the facility.
3. SCP 079 must not intentionally sabotage fellow SCP's. This includes, but is not limited to, using tesla gates to damage their team or locking them in dangerous situations.
4. Camping or delaying the round is not allowed. Server mods will step in where neccesary to "encourage" campers to leave their spots.
5. Any form of discrimination, hate speech, or other language that may offend any person or group is not tolerated. Harassing or discriminating against anyone will result in immediate removal from all of our servers.
6. Server staff have the final say in any matter. You must not argue with their decision. If you have any issues or believe a verdict was unfair, join our discord and create a support ticket.
7. Do not act as server or northwood staff if you are not. Server staff members will only use the following tags, which can be seen in the server player list (press N) or when looking at them in game.
8. The use of client modifications or exploits that give you an advantage over others are strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be doing so will removed from our server and reported to the appropriate members of Northwood Studios.