Welcome to Original's Laboratory!
Discord invite at the bottom.

[1] Don't "mic-spam" or use soundboards, in moderation it's alright, but don't blast music or voicelines.
[2] Don't steal items in 914, unless it's from an opposing team.
[3] Try to detain the D-Class, murder is not always neccessary.
[4] "SCP Suicide" is a bannable offense. If you don't like the scp, ask to be respawned.
[5] Don't give away information if you've respawned. eg, spectating the last survivor then forwarding that information to your team.
[6] Try to not camp, unless it is your only option.
[7] Staff may free trapped SCPs after 10-15 minutes of them being trapped.
[8] Teamkilling is not allowed, unless stated otherwise.
[9] Classes allowed to team: Chaos Insurgency<=>SCPs, or an scp using somebody for their keycard.
[10] Don't abuse glitches, double jumping is allowed as long as you leave the glitched spot if an enemy arrives.
[11] Have fun! If you find somebody breaking the rules report them in the discord server.

Server is not nearly finished and changes/mods will be frequently added and or changed. Expect restarts!

Friendly fire (FF) is automatically turned on at the end of a round, and off when a new one starts.
SCP-173's NEW chamber is occupied by "SCP-1162, Hole in the wall" as well. Try your luck!
You can swap SCPs with your teammates, but can not create new ones.
Doors are able to be opened without holding the keycard, simply having it in your inventory is enough.
An announcement will be automatically created when an entire team has been eliminated.
There is a 25% chance to get a Micro-HID from 914 if you put an O5-Keycard on rough.
You/others will be teleported to a random room in HCZ (Heavy Containment Zone) if 914 is on coarse.

Discord Server: