Welcome to SCP: Secret Laboratory
Xenon's Fun Server

This is a heavily modded server
There is no FF
It is recommended to bind cmdbind g .special for the custom classes special abilities just in case we end up adding them again

JOIN OUR DISCORD at https://discord.gg/h2ZBAXB9Jf

<size=20>Mods currently installed:</size=20>
<size=8>Better scp-268 - It is a plugin which will improve SCP-268 and will add more improvements to SCP-268.
UIU Rescue Squad - Has a chance to spawn instead of MTF and they have different load-outs.
Stalky Scp-106 - If you're playing as SCP-106, simply double click in the portal creation tool! It will give you further instructions on who you will stalk, if it's on cool down.
Better Scp-173 - Some small tweaks to scp 173 such as unique tantrum changes and blink control.
Lone-079 - SCP-079 will be turned into a random SCP with partial health and spawned in SCP-939s containment chamber when he is the last SCP alive instead of being killed.
Doctor Buff - Makes scp049 more viable in terms of zombie count and zombie infection spread, and can also heal zombies.
Lucky Pills - Pain pills have a number of random effects that could be beneficial or critically bad when eaten.
Randomised Coin - Coins also have random effects that could be beneficial or critically bad when flipped.
Scp-575 - New passive scp that messes with the lights in the facility and causes havoc.
Scp-682 - New playing scp with the same model as scp-939, but his hp is larger and he can regenerate all of it over time. He can also pry open doors like scp-096
Scp-5000 - New scp with a gun and semi-large HP pool. It looks like a guard model and makes loud noises when it walks. It also turns off tesla gates when it walks through it. He drops a grenade upon death.
Serpents Hand - Has a chance to spawn instead of Chaos Insurgency, they are on the SCP's side and are permitted to kill everyone else.
Respawn Timer - Shows how long until you respawn (duh).
AutoFFToggle - Friendly fire is enabled at the end of each round.

<size=8>[1] No Racism, sexism or harassment
[2] Mic Spamming is allowed in proximity and on the intercom, but not allowed in lobby, radio or spectator mode
[3] No Griefing or exploiting
[4] Detained classes should not be killed by the detained team
-> (e.g Guard detaining D-Class, D-Class should be spared so he can become MTF)
-> 079 can team with Chaos Insurgency and D-Class
-> Scientist and D-Class can work together, but ultimately can not escape together
-> Scientist and D-Class may not assist in killing their own
[6] Avoid camping the outside nuke room because it prolongs the game for a long time and you will probably be slain
[7] Cheating/hacks will get you perma banned
[8] Do not advertise without permission, but Twitch and YouTube in your name are allowed
[9] No meta gaming - we are all here to have a fun time

Reach me at https://discord.gg/h2ZBAXB9Jf if there are any problems with the server.