Welcome to Gregory's SCP Server!

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1) Teamkilling is frowned upon, and repeated offenses will be punished
2) Throwing a Grenade in the elevator with teammates is an automatic Ban for 1 day unless deemed otherwise
3) No Racist Comments or words (Feel free to curse or trashtalk people within reason)
4) Use your brain, and be Respectful. Harrassment is punishable and is not tolerated.
5) Follow the guidelines for your class (IE: Don't kill Class D as Chaos or Scientists as Guards/NTF)
6) AFK will result in forceclass to Spectator
7) Respect Staff. What they say goes, don't tell them how to do their jobs.
8) Don't camp spawns
9) No teaming with the enemy (This is disregarded for cuffed enemies, as they can be converted)
10) Don't Cheat, Please. I run this server for fun. Cheating will result in an instant ban.
11) Mic and Intercom spam is allowed within reason. (Music and memes are fun, Earrape is not!)

Moderator Applications can be found on the Discord server. Donations to keep the server running are greatly appreciated,
contact a server staff member if you would like to contribute!

Have Fun and Enjoy your Stay!