Welcome to The Break Room: Reborn!
you can find our discord server here

This is a Vanilla+ server that focuses on the more traditional/vanilla side of SL. This Server is also ran by us, the K.S, being the people that has made this community.

Also, for game enjoyment sakes, we have rules

Don't be a rude individual.
Do not exploit or use clients to make the game unfair.
KOS is allowed, unless person is disarmed.
Don't exploit any loopholes, you will be punished at moderators discretion.
No persons under 13 may join the server
Do not camp and/or stall the round
Spawn camping MTF or Chao's isn't allowed
(Once a MTF or Chao's is out their gate it's fair game.)

Judgement on the server will be a warn the first time, a kick the second time, and the third time will be a ban.

The amount of warns and kicks varies on what you have done and who is managing the server at that time.