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1. No Hate Speech: Remain respectful at all times. No racism, homophobia, etc (including soundboards).

2. No Rejoin / Suicide Abuse: Leaving and rejoining or suiciding to avoid playing as an SCP - including 049-2 - is not allowed (though you can jump out of the map before being killed by 049).

3. No Global Chat Micspam: Global chats include SCP Chat, Team Radios, Spectator, Intercom, and SCP-1576. If told by staff to stop or turn down soundboard volume, make sure to listen.

4. No Malicious Activities: Doxxing, cheating, abusing glitches, and similar will result in very swift removal from the server.

5. No KOS: If someone is a threat to you/teammates, or fails to comply with reasonable orders, killing is permitted. If unarmed or helping you, this is not allowed. Scientists can KOS ClassD and vice versa, even if unarmed. Cuffkilling also isn't allowed. KoS is allowed if the last remaining enemy is ClassD.

6. No Prolonged Camping/Stalling: Do not hide in places or rooms SCPs can't access for prolonged periods of time, even if you are the last one left.

7. No Teaming: SCPs should never be working against each other (e.g 079 should not tesla their own team). Class-D and Scientists can team, as well as if you have detained the other person.

8. No Team Sabotage: Intentionally closing doors, activating elevators, etc, when others could have also made it to only ensure your safety is not allowed.

9. No False Reporting: Intentionally reporting others incorrectly will result in you taking on the punishment you were falsely reporting for.

10. No Rule Break Encouraging: Encouraging others to break rules will result in you taking on the punishment that would have been applied had they broke rule(s).

11. No Staff Impersonation: If you aren't staff, don't pretend that you are. It doesn't make you look cool, and you will be punished.

If you have any arising questions, concerns, issues, or other inquiries:
- Make a ticket in the <a href="">Discord</a> or DM/Ping a member of the ownership team. [Bowtie, Zip, Kdn]