Welcome To SCP: Blitz

We hope you have a fun time in our server!!!!!

Ingame Rules :
-the only exceptions to this are D-class and Scientists killing each other

Don't Be Unneccessarily Toxic
- there are no exceptions to this rule

Dont abuse Glitches
- this includes spots where others cant get too etc

Listen to the mods and admins
- if this is repeated you will be punished accordingly

Dont cause unneccesary Drama
- Unneeded arguments etc

No Slurs
- Self explanatory

Have Fun
- The server is here for everyone to have fun so dont ruin it for others

Do Not Leave the game as an scp or when you are about to turn into a zombie

Do not camp
- do not stay in a locked room for more than 2 minutes while hiding from an scp

Do Not MicSpam
- Do not be too loud or play a loud sound continuously

Do Not Team Sabotage
- Closing doors on your team, Trapping your teammates etc

Do not false report
- if you have no proof then neither of you will be punished but if there is proof you are lying you will have 1.5x the punishment they had before