Welcome to Wonka's Lair! Please read our rules and join our discord server.

<a href="https://discord.gg/2sannYCQGQ">Discord</a href>


1. Do not speak any kind of derogatory/discriminatory language against anyone.

2. Exploiting/hacking is not and will never be allowed. Hacking will almost always result in a permanent ban.

3. Pedophilic acts/jokes are NOT allowed under any circumstances.

4. Staff reserve the right punish anyone for something that is not directly seen in the rules

5. If anyone tries to use a loophole in the rules, they will be punished just the same.

6. Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited.

7. Do not try and trick or instigate anyone into breaking a rule.

8. Soundboards are not allowed in the spectator chat; however, they can be used in the radio chat and intercom as long as the sound is not spammed, loud, or long.

8.1. NSFW in the mic will lead to immediate punishment.

9. Please don't camp/ hold up the round.

10. Don't use a friend from spectator to gain an advantage over others.

11. KOS is allowed, as long as the target is not cuffed.

12. Team sabotage is not allowed.


1. D Class can team with scientists, until they encounter NTF/Guards or Chaos.

2. NTF are not allowed to team with Chaos/Class D.

3. Chaos are not allowed to team with NTF/Scientists.

4. SCPs are not allowed to team.


<align=left>1. Funny Coins - Gamble your life
2. AdminTools - Helps the staff do the funni
3. EffectKeeper - You keep your effects when you escape
4. RespawnTimer - Shows you when the next respawn will happen
5. AutoFFToggle - Friendly fire is enabled when the round is done
6. SCPSwap - Allows you to switch SCPs
7. ScriptedEvents - Allows staff to hold special events, and eventually other things.