Welcome to Pl<color=#CB80FF>ag<color=#C180FF>ue<color=#B280FF>'s <color=#A680FF>Re<color=#9D80FF>sp<color=#9180FF>ite</color></color></color></color></color></color>!


1. Be respectful. Don't use racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. language, and don't insult or harass other players. You may be kicked without warning if you do not follow this rule.

2. Please avoid loud and/or annoying mic spam; you may be muted or removed from the game depending on severity.

3. Don't purposefully prolong the game. This includes excessive camping, especially late-game.

4. Teaming is fine as long as it makes sense, but don't abuse it. If it holds up the round or is deemed too detrimental to gameplay, you may be asked to stop or kicked.

5. Don't kill unarmed or detained D-Class, unless they are not following orders. KOS is a serious offense here.

6. Don't ruin the fun! Any other sort of detrimental behaviour that negatively impacts gameplay should be avoided. Be kind, use common sense, and listen to admins.