This server has a lot of plugins. If you would like to know all the plugins, you can join our discord using this link: Discord <Click on the word "Discord" to be taken to our discord server

General Game Rules:
• (Regardless of Race, Ethnicity, or Passes) Racism, nor racial verbiage is allowed and will result in an immediate 7 day ban
• All staff will try their best to help your situation. If you are unhappy with the staff that helped you, please request another
• All staff decisions are final (You can appeal a punishment in the Discord)
• Political and or personal talks should be avoided in the server. Do not start debates that could lead to arguments
• Harassment towards any player(s) for any reason is not tolerated. Please just let staff deal with it, if it is a problem
• Mic Spam can only be used in Proxy chat. Spam on the Radio, Intercom, and Spectator chat are not tolerated
Teaming Rules:
• NTF and Chaos cannot team under any circumstances
• NTF and SCP cannot team under any circumstances
• Guards cannot team with SCP's under any circumstances
• D-Class can team with any other class
• Scientist can team with any other class except for SCP
• (Special rule) D-Class and Scientist can betray and kill their respective teams to join the other team, however they must be accompanied by the team they are joining before they can kill their own team (Currently N/A)
Teamkilling and KoS rules:
• Teamkilling is not tolerated unless the (Special Rule) is in effect or if the criteria below is met (Currently N/A)
• Teamkilling someone who is Teamkilling is acceptable, however admins should be called to also deal with the situation. (Currently N/A)
• NTF can KoS D-Class
• Guards cannot KoS D-Class (Unless a weapon is VISIBLE in their hands)
• Chaos can KoS Scientist
• D-Class and Scientist can KoS anyone at any time, for any reason
• KoS is not allowed on detained classes for any reason
Suicide and Disconnecting Rules:
• If you leave or kill yourself to prevent from joining SCP-049's zombie army, upon reconnecting or death, you will be respawned as zombie and warned/punished
• Leaving the server to prevent punishment will result in a 1 month ban from the server

Server Owner is Memeaholic