Welcome to SCP Server or Something IDK!
This server was a previously private server between me and some friends and is now open to the public!
This server includes having high stamina, DoorRestartSystem Events, SCP-1162, and AntiSuicidal Zombies.

1. Use common sense
We are usually pretty laid-back and open, but if you can't use common sense before you say anything, you probably shouldn't be on here

2. Rules are subject to being updated at any moment

3. Teamkilling is allowed, but don't get upset when they retaliate back

4. It is recommended to work with the D-Class/Scientists and just detain them on the surface instead of insta-killing

5. Have fun

6. If you have any issues use the in-game report system or contact me on Discord using 'cilcil' or email using '[email protected]'