Just an EU-West SCP Secret Laboratory Server!

Custom server settings

-Small health changes to SCP-106 and 939
<color=white><size=15>-Unlimited radio battery
<color=white><size=15>-Auto-Warhead detonation after 15 minutes


0. Use common sense, if you are found to be a general nuisance, you will be kickedor banned. Don't ruin other peoples fun for the sake of it, and don't be a dick to others.

1. No malicious mic-spam or ear rape - yelling down your mic only annoys other people.
1a. No music over radio, spectator, intercom, and SCP chat, everywhere else is fine though.
1b. Soundboards are treated the same as in 1a.

2. No Hacking - We maintain a 0 hacks policy here.
2a. Usage of external software to gain an unfair advantage is forbidden and will be punished with a ban, this includes things like ghosting or auto-clickers.

3. No Begging - Don't beg admins for items, classes, weapons, or anything unless the admin is giving away items to everyone.

4. No Trolling - This includes trapping team mates in rooms, burning cards in 914, closing doors on your teammates maliciously, or spamming the warhead lever on and off constantly.
4a. Disarmed personnel may only be terminated by the person who disarmed them unless they are actively being noncompliant.
4b. Trolling the enemies is of course allowed!

5. No Evading - This means using other steam accounts, or other means to get around bans, you will be banned forever.

6. No Cross-Teaming - SCPs cannot under almost any circumstances work with any human team. Kill or be killed.
6a. You are only allowed to make deals with humans if you are trapped in a room.
6b. MTF-Chaos teaming is only permitted if there are still SCPs present. Afterwards, all teaming must end or be punished under rule 7.

7. Don't stall - Needlessly extending the round pisses people off and will result in you getting slayed. Apart from just getting slayed, you might rather get a lighter punishment of having your current location revealed to still alive SCPs and opposing forces. Stalling means not actively pursuing escape, and elimination of SCPs/Chaos, in the case of MTF
7a. Brainless, and excessive camping is prohibited and will result in a slay. Brainless; when it is done in easy and tight spots like checkpoints and surface escape that just a single person can do. Excessive; when it is done for a prolonged period of time. Any other form of ‘camping’ will be punished if it stalls the game.
7b. Spawncamping MTF and Chaos spawns is forbidden. Spawn camping is when you actively wait for a wave to spawn, by camping near the spawn with intent to eliminate it instantly.

8. No Discrimination - Hate against any age, gender, nationality, race etc. will result in severe punishment (these will result in mutes, kicks or even bans). We also maintain a zero tolerance policy on the use of racial slurs, breaking this will result in an instant 1 week/month ban.

9. No impersonation - Admin and Mod tags and such or masquerading as another staff member will warrant a kick or a ban if the name is not changed upon warning. Staff are mandated to state they are staff when asked, unless they are investigating an ongoing case which may require discretion and disguise to administer appropriate measures.

10. This server is English only. Use of other languages is strictly prohibited and will result in a kick if continued. A phrase here and there is permitted, but don’t make a conversation out of it.

<color=white><size=15>Contact E-Mail: [email protected]