<smallcaps>All The Time Gaming SCP</smallcaps>




- Teaming is allowed as long as it doesn't hold up the round.
- Racial or Homophobis slurs = 3 day ban.
- Intentional greifing can result in a ban.
- Micspam = mute.
- Do not camp nuke unless preventing deactivation as an SCP.
- Do not hide for extended periods of time to hold up the round.


[Q] Can we kill Class-D/Scientists on sight?
[A] Yes, KoS is allowed.

[Q] what is considered teaming?
[A] helping enemy classes to kill others.</b></u>

[Q] Can I make deals with SCPs for my life or is that teaming?
[A] SCPs may make deals for your life (E.G. to open a door for them) as long as you part way immediately after.</b></u>

[Q] What is considered micspam??
[A] Music/Earrape/Excessive soundboards in SCP chat, Spectator chat, Intercom and/or NTF Radio</b></u>

[Q] What plugins do you have?
[A] Card can be held in 914, Don't need to hold a card to open doors, SCP Swap, Spawn Ticket display

[Q] Can I report rule breakers myself?
[A] Yes, click on the ! icon in the N key menu, type a reason then click report for rule breaking.

[Q] I've been muted for more than a day, how do I get unmuted?
[A] Drop into our discord and ask to be unmuted, most likely a staff member will be happy to do so.

[Q] What do you consider "Intentional greifing"
[A] Closing doors on fellow NTF/Chaos without reason, Preventing use of 914, killing SCPs as 079 and

[Q] What is an acceptable reason to close doors on teammates"
[A] To escape an SCP or to distance an individual mic spammer


Report Admin abuse in the admin abuse channel in our discord or directly DM an Ethics committee member here:

- AllTheTimeGaming#2489
- BamBam#2659
- Handomando#6731
- Rhetsin#1913
- Sephiroth#9069
- Michealwave#0001
- bram#1337

Ask our Event Managers about wish granting or to request an event

- Nickson
- A Human
- HowDoBreathe
- Purriku