Welcome to Jukebox's Circus
A server made for players to have fun and have the opportunity to create their own stories by meeting new people and navigating difficult circumstances.
Feel free to join the server and if so, enjoy your stay!

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mtbPA9e4RD

-Be respectful, do not purposely offend others, this includes racism, sexism etc.

-This server has Friendly Fire enabled, do not abuse it. Use it for story-telling or RP reasons.

-Respect staff, their word is final, if you believe a member of staff is abusive then report it in the discord server or to another staff member.

-No advertising or inappropriate names.

-Avoid killing on sight.

-Avoid arguments or causing conflict.

-Soundboards allowed in local chat, not in spectator. Can also be used for intercom as long as it is not earape.

-No cheating or glitch abusing.

-No calling out Staff Members with hidden tags

-No evading Staff Members

-No begging for roles/items/etc.

-Cross-Teaming allowed if there is an RP reason (e.g. Surviving from SCPS)

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<a href=https://discord.gg/GV2DGXskkc>https://discord.gg/GV2DGXskkc</a>