Welcome To Swag Village!

About us
We are a brand new server and we're looking to expand. We try to be more relaxed with our rules and our staff.

Contact Us
For any questions/issues related to the server, contact redd#1234 directly on discord.

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1. No cheating/exploiting of in-game bugs is allowed. (106 elevator portal is however allowed)

2. Racist, discriminatory and other offensive content is not allowed.

3. Mic spamming is only allowed when alive and used in proximity chat. If the micspamming is in spectator chat/intercom/radio, this can be punishable with a kick that can lead to a ban.

4. Teaming is allowed, however if teaming leads to a round delay it can be punished.

5. Prolonged harrassment is strictly prohibited, joking around is okay, but if it's consistent it can be punished.

6. Staff may mess around, however there won't be any admin abuse in the terms of gaining an unfair advantage.

7. Use common sense.

8. Impersonating members of staff is forbidden.