Welcome to the Nerd Zone!



1. External modifications, whether they give an advantage or not, are not allowed.
2. Being overly toxic or disrespectful will result in your removal from the server.
3. Detained Class-Ds/Scientists should not be shot, unless they are refusing to follow orders.
4. Talking back/fighting with staff over their decisions may result in punishment. Please contact the people mentioned earlier if you feel staff misbehaved.
5. Intentional teamkilling will result in punishment. Mass TK will result in punishment without a warning.
6. No slurs, whether they be racial, homophobic, or insensitive.
7. If someone is breaking the rules, contact an available staff member, or report in the #report-players channel within our Discord.
8. Staff are allowed to enact any punishment for matters not mentioned here if deemed necessary.
9. Enjoy your time here, have fun.
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All servers on this public list must follow the Verified Server Regulations and the SCP:SL Global Ban Policy. If we are infringing of either of these, please contact xTiberius#0001, or wolf42133#0001 as soon as possible.
This was last updated on November 11th, 2020.
If you have any more questions, complaints, concerns, or confusion, please join the Discord and contact us from there.


If you are able to read this, please do not copy/reuse this without explicit permission from high administration. We are available at the Discord link supplied earlier. We will not normally give this out, but if you really need, we can talk.