[email protected]</size=15>

<size=16>1. Do not hack and don't use bugs, intentionally using them will lead to a permanent ban
2. Don't micspam (Micspam = Earrape, extensive soundboard usage)
3. Must be able to speak English
4. No Hate Speech
5. No Harassment
6. No Inappropriate Nicknames
7. Don't delay rounds extensively
8. No False Reporting</size=15>

<size=20>Join our Discord for full plugin list:</size=20>
<size=16>Respawn Timer: Shows the time until the next spawn wave
Remote Keycard: You can open otherwise locked doors with the keycard only in your inventory.
SCP Chat Extension: Allows SCP's to talk in proximity chat.</size=15>

Last edited 2023-05-19