<b>Site-02 [NON-RP]

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Please Read The Rules:
[1]: No begging for staff, the application is in our discord server!

[2]: Harassment/Discrimination is not allowed, This is mostly for slurs. Cussing is allowed however it cannot be used as a threat or any form of harassment.

[3]: You are allowed to play music, scream, and use a soundboard, however please do not do any of these super loud.

[4]: KOS (KILL ON SIGHT) is not allowed, the forms of KOS are below.
4a. D-Class killing Scientists, killing D-Class (You are allowed to kill non compliant D-Class, or armed D-Class).
4b. D-Class and Chaos Insurgency are allowed to kill guards or MTF as long as they haven't surrendered (Please give them the choice too.).
4c. If someone is Constantly running from you, you are allowed to shoot them.
4d. If someone is holding a gun or not following orders, termination is allowed.
4e. If you kill someone who IS NOT armed at all, that is KOS.
4f. Giving cuffed people unreasonable orders are not allowed.
4g. Killing anyone who is cuffed is also not allowed.

[5]: If you surrender, you must stay that way until you are out of their sight.

[6]: Keeping the round going on purpose is not allowed (We will also give the sector you are in if you are the last person.).

7a. SCP's and MTF are not allowed to team.
7b. CHAOS and MTF are not allowed to team.
7c. SECURITY and CHAOS are not allowed to team.

[8]: Staff members decisions are final, if there are any concerns, make a ticket in our discord.

[9]: Exploits are not allowed.

[10]: Do not target anyone, it is highly unfair.