Welcome To Rairizon's Den!
Join The Discord At https://discord.gg/MPnS9Md
Please Read The Rules Before Playing.

1. Do Not Team-kill Without Reason.
2. No Mass Team-kill, This Means Grenade/Ball In Elevator Or KOSing Your Team Is NOT Allowed.
3. No Racism, Sexism Or Any Discrimination Of Any Kind Is Allowed.
4. Do Not Force Uncomfortable Situations On Others, If They Say Stop It Means Stop.
5. No DDOS Threats, DOX Threats Or Any Kind Of Malicious Behavior Is Allowed.
6. No Harassment Or Player Targeting Is Allowed.
7. No Leaving To Avoid Punishment.
8. Do Not Try And Find Loop Holes Around The Rules>
9. Cross Teaming Is Allowed However, You May Not Use It To Purposely Kill Your Teammates. Example: A Class-D Is Teaming With A Scientist And The Class-D Is Helping Or Allowing The Scientist To Kill The Class-D's Teammates (its fine if your an unarmed class-d and just trying to survive).
10. If Your Thinking About Doing Something Because Your Not Sure If Its Against The Rules, Don't Do It.
11. No Purposely Holding Up The Round.
12. If A Staff Member Tells You To Stop Doing Something, Listen To Them.
13. No Mic-Spam Or Making Loud Noises Through Your Mic With The Intention To Annoy People.
14. No Racial Slurs Or Anything That Is Not Appropriate To Say (Swear Words Are Fine).
15. Do Not Advertise Or Give Links To Other Platforms.