Southwood UNOFFICIAL SCP: Secret Laboratory Server

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General Server Rules

1. Be respectful of others. Do not use offensive, hurtful, nor attacking language. This includes your name, PFP, and memes. Foul language is permitted as long as it isn't used in an insulting manner.
2.KOS is allowed.</b>
3. Soundboards and music are allowed, but not in spectator chat. And no ear-sewage, this include on the intercomm.
4. Players across teams (i.e. NTF/Guard/Scientist vs. Chaos/SCP/D-Bol) may team in any regard so long as it is not holding up the round.
5. Do not beg owners/staff for class changes, special roles, etc. Seriously.
6. No delaying the end of a round. If you are the last alive, you must complete the mission.
7. Any form of doxing, ddosing, hacks, and malware depositing are strictly forbidden.
8. Ban-evasions are strictly forbidden. If you've been wrongfully banned, go to the official Discord channel and appeal. If your appeal is declined, serve your time and hop back in after you learned your lesson.
9. Do not use glitches/exploits to gain an advantage.
9a - Meme glitches are okay (standing on top of a camera, etc.) as long as it does not prolong the match and does not otherwise break rule 9.
10. Do not suicide as an SCP because you don't like playing them. Sometimes life is pain, suffer through it and work with your team.
11. Do not breach Steam's Terms of Service.
12. Do not spawn camp for longer than a minute.
13. Staff discretion applies to all rules and punishments depending on the situation.

For any other information, join our discord and contact a moderator or myself: scpWyatt#7777