<size=25><color=yellow>Welcome to Site 19</color=yellow></size=25>

<size=18>We are a EU based, newly established server. Our aim is to make an enjoyable and safe community. We hope to make this server and amazing place for you and your friends to enjoy. Have a great time in Site 19.<size=18>

<size=20><color=yellow>[ Discord ]</color=yellow> <color=yellow>[ Patreon ]</color=yellow></size=20>

<size=18>「 Rules 」</size=18>

<size=13>1. No Advertising.
2. No racism/harassment of any form/type.
3. No mic spamming in spectator.
4. MUST have appropriate names/tags.
5. Main language focus of this server is English but all languages are completely fine.
6. No NSFW content of any type.
7. No Teaming, exceptions are (dclass - scp and chaos) (scientists - facility guards and MTF).
8. Be respectful to others in our server and help make it a great place to play.
9. Do not KOS, attempt to cuff first.</size=13>

<size=18>「 Plugins & Features 」</size=18>

<size=13>- RespawnTimer.
- RoundTimer.
- Replacer.
- SCPStats.</size=13>

Any extra information that you need, please contact the discord or ask a member of staff.
Anything with "[ ]" are clickable links.