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<align="center">⚠ ENGLISH ONLY ⚠

To make full use of this server, please go to the Discord server and join the website!
Website Link GamerZPoint Website (Clickable!)
Discord Contact: garythecat
Discord Server:


§1.0 Respect your teammates
§1.2 Insults and other derogatory activities are prohibited!
§1.3 Yelling for no reason is prohibited
§1.4 Racist remarks
§1.5 The generation of any annoying noises is prohibited!
§1.6 The exploitation of game errors is strictly prohibited!
§1.7 The admins have the last word!

§2.0 General
§2.2 The rules are there to be followed and not knowing the rules does not protect you against punishment!

§3.0 Soundboards are forbidden!
§3.2 The use of a music soundboard is prohibited in Death Chat!
§3.3 If you know someone in the server wants you to stop using your Soundboard
you have to stop.
§3.4 The use of excessively loud soundboards is prohibited!

§4.0 Acting with jobs
§4.2 The Chaos Insurgency may act with the SCPs and with the D-classes
§4.3 The MTF may not cooperate with the SCPs
§4.4 D-Classes may act with the Chaos Insurgency, but does not have to
§4.5 Scientists must cooperate with the security personnel and the MTF

§5.0 Camping is strictly prohibited
§5.1 Camping in front of doors is permitted for a maximum of 2 minutes
Exception: If you are stuck, but then you are not allowed to kill the other person