Christmas Chaos

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<color=#00B7EB><size=16>Server Rules:</size=16>
[1] Player Conduct
- No racism, extreme toxicity, targeted harassment or sexism.
- Staff are players too. Treat them as such.
- Use common sense.
- No Mic-spam.<br>
[2] Game Delaying
- Refrain from game delaying, this includes sitting in areas for a prolonged period of time.<br>
[3] Teaming
- Teaming is not allowed, this includes SCP's and Chaos Insurgency.
- You cannot sabotage or work against your teammates.
- SCP-079 may choose to work with Class D such as opening armory in LCZ.<br>
[4] Advertising
- You are not allowed to advertise anything without approval from a manager.
- You can, however, have Twitch/YouTube in your username.<br>
[5] Hacking/Exploiting
- Do not hack or meta-game. You are not allowed to abuse exploit spots to gain an advantage.<br>

<color=#00B7EB><size=16>Server Features:</size=16>
[+] Players have a small chance of receiving pink candy from SCP-330.<br>
[+] Players receive a broadcast with their escape time (upon escaping).<br>
[+] Friendly fire is enabled when the round ends.<br>
[+] Players are notified when they are the last alive.<br>
[+] Players that join 15 seconds late are spawned as D-Class.<br>
[+] Auto nuke activates after 20 minutes.<br>
[+] SCPs are notified when a generator is activated, and when another SCP disconnects.<br>
[+] All players have a chance to receive a random item. (Chances increase based on donator tier)<br>
[+] Players spawn with a randomized height<br>
[+] Players receive a broadcast after they kill another player.<br>
[+] Spectators receive a countdown for the next spawn wave.<br>
[+] Tesla gates do not trigger for Facility Guards.<br>
[+] If there is no SCP-3114 already, SCPs can enter '.swap' in the console to switch to 3114.<br>
[+] Round statistics are broadcasted upon the end of the round (SCP with most kills, first player to contain an SCP, first player to escape.<br>
[+] Players with heavy armour can take up to 4 candies, players without heavy armour can take up to 3.<br>
[+] Cuffed MTF can escape to become Chaos, and vice versa for cuffed Chaos.<br>
[+] Zombies now spawn with a randomised height and width.<br>
[+] SCP-173 explodes upon death.<br>
[+] Cola, Anti-Cola and SCP-1853 effects transfer over when escaping.<br>

<size=12>If you need to speak with Management+, please join the Discord.</size=12>