Hello! Welcome to The Trial Tavern. We play games and stuff like that. If you have any questions, please join the discord:

Note: If an admin is breaking a rule, please join the discord and say the name of the admin, the date, and the offense (Thing Done) in the reports channel. Please! Do not talk with the admin head-on report it to me, the server owner, and I will deal with it. This goes for normal players too, if they are breaking a rule, join the discord and do the same process as you would with an admin.

1. No Racism, homophobia, etc. This WILL NOT be tolerated
2. No hacking
3. No asking for roles/spawning in items or as a certain player
4. No harassment/bullying (you can make jokes with people but NO CYBERBULLYING)
5. No mic-spamming, soundboards and music are allowed, just don't get excessive
6. You must follow admin directions unless they are just playing the game
7. Teaming isn't allowed with teams you can't win with; Chaos can team with Scps (Temporary teams are allowed)
8. KOS Rules
8a. You may not kill any D-Class/Scientist on sight unless they are holding a gun
8b. If you know a D-Class/Scientist has killed someone on your team, you are allowed to KOS them
8c. If a D-Class/Scientist is holding a gun while you are a spectator, you are not allowed to kill them the next time you see them

Mod List:
Serpents Hand (Gameplay) (Outdated)
Respawn Timer (Gameplay)
106 Stalking (Gameplay)
Remote Key Card (Gameplay)
Custom Items (Gameplay) (Outdated)

Attention: More mods will be added in the future