Our Discord

1.No racism
2.Do not break teaming guidelines
3.No Soundboards = PERMABAN!
4.No Micspam
5.You must have a clip program, if you report a player without a clip there will be a punishment
6.Your allowed to Roleplay as your current role
7.And just dont be a D#ck!

1.You are not allowed to Teamkill players that are on your Team! (except CD to CD)
2.As Class-D your not allowed to kill other Class-Ds except if cooperation is not an option! (You are allowed to Rob other CDs)
3.Chaos Insurgency is not allowed to Team with SCPs, but SCP are allowed to ignore the Insurgency!
4.As a member off the MTF, you're not allowed to teamtroll other MTF members same goes for Chaos, Scientists and Facility Guards!
5.As a member off the MTF, you're allowed to KOS Class-D Personnel!
6.As a Scientist, don't expect MTF helping you out off the facility, help yourself!
7.Do not kill Cuffed Class-Ds or Scientists in the early game!

.Administrator Rules
1.Iff you get caught breaking the rules by a server member, they do not need to show you clear evidence, thei'll send the Clip in a private Discord channel for proof, iff you get falsly accused by a server member, create a ticket on our Discord server and we'll deal with that!
2.Server members are allowed to break rules on other server members, just leave them alone!
3.Iff you get reported, server members are allowed to spectate you without your knowledge!
4.Server Members are allowed, iff the match is taking too long, to activate the Warhead Countdown!