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This server is the second of a pair of servers owned by mr pp (main being "cringeland") and is owned and moderated by the cringeland staff. Any bans you recieve in the main server will be transferred here aswell.
Note: This server is 100% vanilla

Server Rules

1. No slurs or hate speech of any kind

2. No exploiting glitches

3. No kos of scientists or d boy's unless they run away or have a weapon
(the micro does not count until they attempt to charge it)
(explosions dont count as there is no way to control who an explosion kills)

4. Admins have final say in any matter regarding the rules

5. Always listen to admins/mods

6. Killing an admin while they are conducting an admin sit will result in a punishment of the admins choice

7. Teaming is allowed

8. Micspam is allowed unless it becomes unnecessarily loud

9. Use common sense if you think you probably shouldn't do something then don't do it

10. Admins can punish you for things that are not specifically listed (this falls under the common sense rule)

11. begging any staff for items/roles can result in a mute

12. This server is 13+ if you are found to be under that age you will be banned for an appropriate amount of time (till you reach the age of 13)
12.1 refusing to tell us your age will result in a minimum 5 year ban

13. Minor amounts of admin abuse are allowed do not report an admin for it
13.1 this does not mean admins are allowed to do whatever that want small thing like flying around messing with people is fine but changing the direction of a game like spawning waves in early or giving themselves items while playing normally is not

14. Joining and instantly being toxic/picking fights with other members will not be tolerated

15. Trying to get server members to "1v1" you on a private server is prohibited and will result in a ban of a length determined by the admins/mods involved

16. No Rules Lawyering – Attempting to circumnavigate staff decisions through rules lawyering is not permitted.