* No NSFW content
* Use common sense.
* We have no tolerance for drama. Cause drama and you will immediately be removed.
* No discrimination of other users
* No doxing of other users.
* This is an English server. No other languages are allowed.
* No earraping.

* No adverts of any kind.
* No spamming.
* Keep conversations to their appropriate channels.
* Do not excessively ping any user.
* Do not privately message any member of staff or management. All server business shall be handled transparently and properly.
* All content in the Discord must comply with the Discord guidelines and the Discord TOS.

* No cheating or use of exploits.
* Comply with Northwood TOS.
* Playing music over voice chat is allowed as long as its not played over a global chat. Examples of a global chat include the use of intercom and spectator voice chat.
* Do not round delay. This means staying in a spot where others cant reach you in order to prolong the round.
* Do not teamkill.
* No crossteaming. Only Chaos Insurgency can cross team with the SCPs.
* No kill on sight.
* This server operates under a new life rule. Do not rely on information from the spectator chat or from your previous life to justify a KOS.

Last Edited:: 2/12/2020