[UK] Ryv's Realm #2

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1. No racism, homophobia, or discrimination.
2. Micspam, music, and excessive use of soundboards are not allowed on radios, intercom, SCP chat, 079's speakers, or the Lobby.
3. Keep soundboards to a minimum, if someone asks you to quiet down, do so.
4. No 079 team killing (tesla gates)
5. Facility guards and MTF may only kill D-Class if they are armed or ignoring orders. Scientists may KOS uncuffed D-Class, however, cuffed D-Class should not be shot by anyone unless a chaos spawn wave has occurred (in which case all D-Class can be shot).
6. SCPs can not team with MTF, scientists or D-class unless bargaining. When a Serpents Hand spawn wave happens Chaos and SCPs can no longer team.
7. Listen to the staff at all times.
8. MTF/Guards shouldn't uncuff D-class before their escape, allowing them to be chaos insurgency.
9. No stream sniping or ghosting. Don't spoil the fun.
10. Any exploits used to alter how the game should be played. i.e. TK exploiting or Location exploiting.
11. No Team Sabotage.
12. Rules can always be updated, staff's say is final. </b>


- 049-2 is very powerful and useful, don't suicide, create an army.

<B> Plugins And Features: </b>

- CedMod (This gives you the discord rank ingame and is our moderation plugin.)
- 914 teleports on coarse.
- 914 kills on rough.
- Remote Keycards (This allows you to open doors without the required keycard in your hand.)
- Commonutils (This helps us run the server.)
- Ultimate AFK (This will kick someone if they are AFK for 180 seconds.)

For any info please DM "rryv" on Discord or join our discord.
Unban requests can be filled out on the Discord support section or on the website.
VPNs are not allowed on this server.
If you have a request as a plugin dev for something to be removed or changed please contact us on Discord.
Thanks, have fun.