Id Reccomend you comply
with our rules for your own sake

1.Racism/bullying Is Strictly Prohibited Unless its a child who deserves it

2.Killing Cuffed Class D is not allowed unless its funny

3.Please Detain Unarmed targets as MTF (not requiered, but you can be reported for shooting on sight)

4.Dont Sabotage your Team (like zapping scps with teslas as pc, mtf are allowed to troll eachother)

5.no descrimination, eg hating on people like lgbtq+ or other groups like people with disabilitys

6.exploiting, including obtaining admin without permission will cause a permanent ban

7. if someone asks you to stop being loud and annoying in spectator or scp chat then stop (radio too)

Our Social Groups:
Steam Group
(church server verification may take time, faster if in the steam group)