<style="Title">Welcome to Thijs' Paradijs (Thijs' Paradise)</style>
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Discord] [How to play</color>]

<align="left"><size=130%>Server info
A list of the server rules, plugins and more can be found here.
My Discord is ThijsNameIsTaken#5123 if you need it for bug reports etc.

If you need to report a player for someting, press your list players key (default N), click the warning icon at the player you want to report, type in why they are reported and select the "Report for breaking server rules" button. This will report the player in a staff channel on our Discord where staff can view and handle reports.

<align="left"><size=130%>Staff and timezones
Staff might not be able to help you after 22:00 GMT+1.

<size=90%>This info message was last updated: 31-1-2021
Contact email: [email protected] (Discord is a better way to get in touch.)