[UK] Quinty's Quarters

Discord: https://discord.gg/tckbqAJjkv

we will be trying to do weekly events on the server! if you want to be notified when we will be doing these events please join our server above! The events will be hosted by staff and the owners/ Co-owners of the server. If you keep ping us about the events we will delay the event until everyone has stopped.

welcome to Quinty's Quarters, we have active staff and have a small community for everyone to have a place in and enjoy playing with the staff and possibly the owners and co-owners. We are a beginner friendly server and always willing to help people who are just starting out and show them on how to play the game!


1. Obey staff and their orders.
2. No KOS (only break it if they aren't listening to you).
3. Be over 13 (ain't that hard).
4. Don't be rude.
5. Don't use glitches or exploits to reach impossible areas or difficult places to kill/ shoot you at.
6. Respect others (little to no exemptions).
7. Help people out, this is a beginners friendly server and a great place to start!
8. Don't pretend to be staff.

thanks for reading, if you like this server please recommend this server to your friends and anyone else who is looking to have a good time on a server with out people trying to ruin it!