Quintys Quarters
Discord: https://discord.gg/rQ3gZjT9gN

welcome to Quintys Quarters, we have active staff and have a small community for everyone to have a place

RPNames: instead of QuintGecko (for example) you will get D-3142 or and scp or scientist name
CustomRoles: you can be a medic, zombie sub-classes, etc.
RespawnTimer: tells you when you are about to respawn
serpantsHand: a team where you help the SCP's
WaitAndCHillReborn: you are a tutorial when spawning in, instead of waiting in that boring old black screen of death
WarheadOnRoundEnd: warhead detonates on the end of the round
UIURescueSquad: it's like the rescue team of the SCP foundation
CustomItems: Gives custom items, works with CustomRoles
Stalky106: can create a portal by your feel, to scare you
- The dog deals extra damage based on the amount of AHP the dog has
- The dog will gain a speed boost, but be slowed when attacking
- Configurable dog size
- The dog can bust down doors/pry gates when under a certain amount of AHP and gain even more speed when busting.
---More are likely to come---


1. No harassment to people for the sexuality, race, religion or age
2. Don't cheat (e.g. exploits, abusing bugs)
3. No cross-teaming (e.g. Class-D and MTF)
4. Don't mic-spam - Soundboards and music is fine, but only in prox. chat. If people tell you to stop, do so.
4A. Intercom soundboards/music is allowed, as long as it isn't too loud.
5. no team killing (e.g. SCP-079 using tesla gates to kill other SCPs)
6. Listen to staff.
7. Killing a cuffed enemy for no reason is not allowed - You are allowed to shoot them if they don't listen.
8. No NSFW
9. No being underage
10. Don't KOS (if they are not listening to you, then go ahead)