Permanent invite link to the Discord server. Feel free to invite your friends.

This server is heavily modded and includes the following features:
No stamina.
Friendly fire on.
Old 914 features that were broken by Scopophobia.
Nerfed SCP-096.
Buffed SCP-106, SCP-939, SCP-049.
Custom cassie announcements.
Protection against teamkilling in elevators with grenades.
No requirement to hold keycards to open doors.
Teammates don't get blinded by flashbangs.
No respawn tickets.
Nuke can be opened by NTF commander and chaos insurgency keycards but not activated.
Auto nuke at 30 minutes.
and so much more...

Server Rules:
1. Do not Kill-on-sight (KOS): As a MTF/Facility guard you may only kill a D-class if they are visibly armed or ignoring reasonable commands. As a Chaos Insurgent you may only kill a Scientist if they are visibly armed or ignoring reasonable commands. D-class and Scientists can kill each other without consequences. Note that we operate under a new life rule. You may not use information you acquired from spectator to justify a KOS. Additionally, if a threat is present then you may only shoot if they are visibly armed.
2. Do not Teamkill (TK): You may not shoot someone else who is on your team. Scientists, MTF and Facility guards are on the same team and Chaos Insurgency and D-class are on the same team. Note that you don't have to kill the person for it to be punishable. If you harm someone of the same team it will be considered an attempted TK.
3. Only Chaos Insurgency can team with SCPs. Any other team is prohibited from teaming with the SCPs.
4. ALL forms of racism and hate speech is strictly prohibited. Doesn't matter if it's considered a "joke" or not.
5. No toxicity. This may include but is not limited to: Sabotaging your own team, Micspamming, Excessive verbal abuse/harassment, hoarding cards, relaying information to another team which favours them, shutting doors on your own team, locking teammates in rooms, purposely delaying the round or glitching out of the map and taking advantage of areas where scps cant reach you.
6. Do not ignore staff. It may lead to further punishment.
7. Staff has final say in EVERY matter. If they abuse this, then submit a staff report.
8. Impersonation of staff is forbidden.
9. No spawn killing of MTF or Chaos Insurgency. Its fine to shoot them if you are passing by their spawn but you have to give them a fighting chance. No more throwing grenades and killing the entire wave in one grenade

Rules for Northwood Staff
These apply to both the regular NW staff team and the official banning team.

1. Under no circumstances shall you abuse the powers entrusted to you by me. You may only use your powers to take care of hackers. Should you witness any member breaking any of the server rules then it should be forwarded to the server staff team.
2. All server rules still apply to you. Please refrain from breaking them.

Should you not abide by any of these rules then you will be told to leave. In the case of abuse, we will also file a formal complaint with command logs.