Welcome to The Raiding Room's SCP:SL Server

We hope you enjoy your time playing on The Raiding Room's SCP:SL server! We're an open, friendly community with a content-creator friendly ruleset and active staff. We have heaps of cool donator perks with rewards discord and game-server wide. If you run into any issues in-game, please join the Discord and create a ticket in #Contact

Connect with the Raiding Room
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[1] Any disrespect, bigotry, or hateful behaviour is unacceptable.
[2] Be respectful to our content creators - please don't micspam or play copyrighted music.
[3] No metagaming, ghosting, or gaining information outside of regular gameplay.
[4] Do not intentionally camp or delay the round.
[5] Any form of advertising is not allowed (Having your Twitch/Youtube in your username is excepted.)

Gameplay Changes and Features

[1] SCP049 can speak to other players with V (the same as SCP939.)
[2] Escaping while disarmed as Chaos or NTF will switch your team.
[4] SCP939's size is reduced by 25% and has a speed increase. After attacking it slows down, boosting its attack.