Coffee's Crusade

A fun and non-toxic SCP experience.

Rules and Info
1. Respect everyone and their beliefs.
2. No hacking or cheating of any sort.
3. No offensive terms/words.
4. We don't tolerate toxicity.
5. Staff have the final say.
6. No mic spamming in spectator chat or over intercom.

Custom Stuff
914 upgrades items in your inventory as well as dropped items.
Coins give keycards and guns when run through 914 on fine.
Stalky-106 allows 106 to teleport to a random player by double clicking on the teleport button.
CI-Spy allows a "Chaos Spy" to spawn with the NTF. They are immune to NTF until they damage a NTF.
Randomized loadouts for all classes.
Players who disconnect will be replaced by a spectator.
SCP-035 replaces a player who picks up an infected item with a spectator. 035 slowly loses health and is unable to heal.
SCP-939 can use the intercom.
SCP-049 can talk to other players like 939.

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