Anomaly Facility
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Server Rules
[0] You must be 15 or older. Too much cussing and inappropriate jokes.
[1] Use your common sense & be mature...
[2] Harassing players, using slurs or being toxic in general will get you banned quickly.
[3] Teaming is prohibited. The only exceptions to this is [Class-D & Scientists] [SCP & Chaos]
[4] Do not shut doors on your teammates intentionally (especially to kill them).
[5] Do not kill disarmed Class-D. This includes someone that is actively being disarmed.
[6] Delaying the round will get you slain or kicked if you continue.
[7] Mic-spamming is not allowed. This includes playing music, using soundboards, Ect. (In spectator only)
[8] Exploits are forbidden and you will be banned if you use them.

Mod Info
The Facility has occasional black outs... Bring a flashlight.
SCP 012 is an SCP again.
SCP 049 Can speak, like the lore.
The waiting room is no long blank space!
SCPS Can .scpswap obviously.
SCP 079 Has some extra functions at higher levels.

Staff are very chill on most everything. We simply do not want younger people (under 15) to join as a lot of us are adults and don't feel comfortable making the jokes we want around that age. So if we know your under the age of 15 your will be asked to leave.