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Welcome To Anarchy SCP, we have modded the server to make the best expierence for the players. Any suggestions or complaints go into the link above


Mic Spam is allowed(Use the mute Button)
Racism/Homophobia etc is allowed
Killing cuffed dclass/scientist is allowed
Toxicity in general is allowed
English Only
Team Killing is allowed

[---TK Rules---]

D-Class --> D-Class
Chaos --> Chaos
Scientist --> Scientist
Facility Guard --> Facility Guard
0-79 --> SCPs

Everyone --> Everyone
[---Mods and Plugins---]

No Stamina
No Ammo Limit(You still have to reload & pick ammo up)
Assist Infection
Better Sinkholes
Common Utils
Creative toolbox
Light Mod
Player Stats
SCP Swap
Serpanrs Hand(tutorial team)
106 Stalk
Tranq Gun
Ultimate AFK
Tutorial PreGame Fuck-a-bout