Project Xenon Rules

[1] - No cheating, Aimbots, Wallhack and/or glitching is not allowed under any circumstances.
[2] - If you are the last one in your team dont stall the match, this means that no camping is allowed.
[3] - No teaming is allowed, however Cooperation between teams to end the match faster is allowed!
[4] - Intercomm may be used for announcing useful and non-useful stuff. Earrape and Offensive content will manage to Intercomm-Mute you.
[5] - Ghosting on a private call or in a Discord Channel from the server is not allowed unless the ghosted player is AFK or Camping.
[6] - As a standard for recognizing you, you will need to keep your name the same as in discord. Refer to previous rule No. 8
[7] - Sexism or racism towards any Gender or Race in-game is punishable, not allowed!!!
- Bad word usage is allowed whenever it doesnt interfer any of the next rules: #7 (SCPSL Rules), #1 (<color=red>DISCORD SERVER Rules).</color>
[9] - Friendly fire is not allowed, neither if doing "Revenge" or trying to be "Funny", this is punishable depending on the amount of players killed and phase of the game. Usually 5-10 minute ban.
[10] - Mic Spamming (Playing Music & stuff w/ soundboard) in the Death Chat, SCP Chat or Radio is not accepted, will lead to a mute!

Be sure to <color=red>report any cheaters with the In-Game report feature!

<color=green>Thanks for reading until this part! Here are some useful links regarding this Server.