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adamixbox's Dungeon Rules

1. Excessive swearing is NOT allowed.

2. Racism is NOT tolerated and will result in a ban</bb>

3. NSFW talk is not allowed - keep it PG 13.

4. Playing music over the microphone is allowed but earrape is <b>not

5. Do not be a sore loser and kill yourself as a SCP-049-2 instance.

6. Hacking, cheating, glitching and loopholes of the rules are all NOT tolerated and can result in a ban.

7. Sabotaging your team members is not allowed.

adamixbox's Dungeon Server Info

adamixbox's Dungeon is a new SCP: Secret Laboratory server with lots of plugins for you to enjoy; we change these plugins every so often so you never get bored! Our server is up 24/7; so no need to worry about downtime. If you enjoy this server and would like to donate to it, and get some awesome perks (more information in discord server) then make sure to donate by clicking on the "donate" text above.