Discord (clickable)
Private Inquirers - Mufflan#1697

Server Rules

1. No mic-spam or ear rape - This includes:
a) Soundboards
b) Music through mic
c) Screaming to annoy other players
d) Spamming the intercom with the above.
2. No hacking - Our server will not allow any hacking at all, it is a 0 hack policy. This includes:
a) External or Third-Party software which brings an advantage over the average player, this is for example:
a) Auto-clickers
3. No trolling - This includes:
a) Closing doors in people faces malicously
b) Spamming warhead
c) Trapping teammates
d) Burning cards
4. No Evading - This includes:
a) Using other steam accounts to get around bans

A ban is a ban, if you ban-evade you will be permabanned
5. No crossteaming - This includes:
a) Teaming as SCP with human teams.
b) Teaming as Guard, Scientist and D-class is prohibited.
6. No Discrimination - This includes:
a) Hate agains:
a) Backgound
b) Name
c) Age
d) Sex
e) Nationality
f) Race

Discriminating will result in a ban for 7 days