This server is restricted to SCP: Secret Laboratory PATRONS only!

To gain access to this server, and participate in Patreon Early Rebalancing Sessions, please consider subscribing to the Major Scientist Tier on our Patreon (CLICK HERE!)!

Northwood Patron Testing Server

Server Rules
1. Cheating, exploiting and usage of third party programs to gain an advantage[1] are strictly prohibited.
2. Phishing, scamming, and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited.
3. Racist, discriminatory, offensive and derogatory content is strictly prohibited.
4. Harassment, toxicity, and baseless out-of-game accusations against other players is strictly prohibited.
5. Staff or player impersonation is strictly prohibited.
6. Mic spamming is prohibited in all channels. Music and songs are allowed but must be stopped if being requested by staff or players.
7. Advertisements of any kind are prohibited unless you are a Northwood Partner.
8. Teaming[2] and camping[3] are tolerated only if they do not lead to round delays.
9. False reporting and abuse of the in-game reporting function is prohibited.
10. Calling out moderators who have hidden tags is prohibited.
11. Encouraging others to violate server rules is prohibited.
12. Team Sabotage as MTF/Chaos/SCPs[4] is prohibited.
13. Constantly leaving/suiciding to avoid an SCP or spawning as a role you do not want is prohibited.
14. Repeatedly asking for a specific role or item is prohibited.

[1] Spots that can be reached by jumping onto actual props/railings are allowed. All other spots are to be reported and are prohibited from use.
[2] Teaming that directly or intentionally leads to the death of teammates is prohibited.
[3] Staying in a room prolongedly is considered camping. Walking around in the same zone and staying in a corridor/tunnel is not considered camping.
[4] This includes turning off generators, killing obedient cuffed D-Class/Scientists, closing/locking doors on teammates and uncuffing D-Class/Scientists right before their escape. For SCPs this includes letting the nuke go off when it would cause SCPs to lose the round.

For inquiries or ban appeals, please open a ticket on the SCP:SL Discord, via the Patreon-Support channel!