Sentinel Gaming


1. No using hacks, cheats or any exploits of any form, breaking this rule will see your removal from the server and reported to the Northwood staff team
2. No mic spamming in spectator chat or SCP Chat.
3. Teamkilling / Team Sabotage is not allowed (D Boy Team kill is an exception)
4. No cross-teaming - ( MTF & SCPS ) e.g.
5. Listen to members of staff.
6. No round delaying. Such as intentionally holding up a round knowing you're the last target.
7. No advertising without staff permission
8. Violating server rules are prohibited and encouraging others to break them will result in removal.
9. KOS Is against server rules, killing cuffed class-d's / scientists. you're only permitted to do so if they fail to follow orders or attack you. The exceptions are only Scientists on D-Class - (This will only be permitted if the Class-D / Scientist isn't being cuffed / escorted by a Guard/Chaos)
10. The use of any racial slurs, racism, homophobic, transphobic content will not be tolerated and will result in mute or ban.

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