Chaotic as hell server.


[1] Do not team as MTF/Class-D or MTF/SCP. Teaming between Chaos/SCP is fine
[2] Do not mic-spam in intercom or spectator chat.
[3] Do not kill SCP's as SCP-079
[4] Don't be toxic against other users
[4.1] Racist/Discriminating/Offensive usernames/messages are not allowed.
[5] Just use common sense. Is that too hard?
[6] Do not use game glitches to your own advantage. This includes getting to un-reachable spots/similar
[7] This is an English only server. Please only communicate in English.


The currently installed plugins on the server.

[1] AdminTools
[2] BetterDoggie
[3] Common Utilities
[4] Lights
[5] RespawnTimer
[6] SCP 008
[7] Serpents Hand
[8] Stalky 106
[9] Warhead On Round End

To report rule breakers, please join the Discord Server