Staff Contact: [email protected]


– Respect our Administrators and Members. When a Game Server Administrator speaks/types, LISTEN!!!
– No racial slurs, slang, comments, and name-calling
– Respect all players and yes even Dylan (even though he knows what he did)
– No Hacking
– No Glitching
– No Advertising
– No excessive whining
- do no microphone spam
- please refrain from any bad language
- Camping in any area for an extended period of time is not allowed.

- It is not the use of bad language itself that bothers us but the interference it can cause during gameplay. We have found the gaming experience to be much better without this type of interference so please refrain from using any bad language

– If having a problem or conflict with any CMS Member/moderator/Admin please feel free to contact the CMS through our Discord or email

– If a player gets banned from a server,
no explanation needs to be provided to that individual by the Server Admin unless the Admin chooses to do so. If ordered by a higher up an explanation will try to be given.