<a href="https://discord.gg/3vX9WQSEpY">Here is Our Discord Server</a>
Server Rules

1. No killing detained D-Class or detained Scientists if they are compliant.

2. No Hatespeech.

3. No exploits or hacking in any form.

4. Must be over 13 years old.

5. No loud ass micspam.

6. KOS is allowed but discouraged.

7. No Extreme Toxicity

8. Cross teaming between Chaos and SCP's is allowed.

9. No stalling the round we all hate that shit.

10. Cross teaming between anyone other than Chaos and SCP's is against the rules.

11. No Sabotaging the game in any form either as SCP's or not.

12. No false reporting.

13. You MUST escape as D-Class or Scientist.

14. If you know if what you are doing could fall under breaking one of these rules it will be a ban.

Server Features

800 Ammo Limit
No Inventory Limits
Remote Keycard
Custom Roles
Custom Weapons
SCP 1162
Sigma Warhead
Respawn Timer
Better 049
Custom Warhead Color
Buffed Stamina
Effect Keeper
Spectator List
Buffed Explosives
Serpents Hand
Red Right Hand (Alpha-1)
Several buffed/Nerfed Weapons
New SCP-500 Variant