Welcome to Bungee Systems SCP
Server IP = scp.bungeetaco.com
Owner: Bungeetaco
Admins: Meiko, Tomita
Please respect the staff, and enjoy your time here! :D
Discord: https://discord.gg/BvuwaWA
Server Rules:

*This is an English Server, please speak English*
1) Please do not troll other players (Will result in a punishment)
2) Cheating is never allowed and will result in a Perma ban
3) Please leave the server if you're going to be AFK for more than 5-7 minutes as it saves slots
4) Please do not mic spam, overuse the intercom, or be toxic in general
5) Racism or any form of discrimination will result in an excessive ban
6) No teaming with the enemy, it will result in a temporary ban
7) Purposely causing the round to last longer than intended results in a ban.
8) No nuke camping, it's annoying and it generally prolongs the game
9) And please have fun, having no fun will be breaking the rules :P