<align="center"> Site 25 </font></size=40>

Site 25 Discord

1. No racism or discrimination of any kind. This includes slurs, homophobia, derogatory terms, etc.

2. Cheating/Exploiting is not permitted at all and is heavily enforced..

3. Be respectful of everyone in the server.

4. Impersonating other people is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.

5. Earrape or micspam is prohibited. Excessive soundboard use will result in further punishment.

6. Keep arguments, including political, ideological, religious, or anything like it out of the server.

7. Advertising in any way is heavily forbidden.

8. This server runs on a system of common sense and unwritten rules of etiquette. You can still be punished for obvious reasons that are not listed in these rules. Think before you act.

<size=20>This server is heavily modified. It includes game-changing plugins that affect 914, add subclasses, and more.</font>

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