All users are subject to Discord's community guidelines. If you break any of these guidelines, you will be subject to moderation within the server.

We reserve the right to use discretion in moderating you, even if you do something bad that isn't explicitly listed in these rules.

All chat rooms are to remain PG-13, no topic of discussion is supposed to be explicit.

You are to respect yourself and all DW personnel.

Toxicity shall remain non-existent.

Do not go out of your way to harass someone on the discord just for the sole purpose of bothering that person.

Leaking any personal information is not tolerated, and will be highly punished.

Make sure to use each text chat for their correct purpose.

Don’t “ @ “ someone without a good reason, the majority of people dislike being ‘pinged’ for random reasons.

Do not advertise any unofficial DW in the server or through DMs via sharing the same server with other personnel.

Do not advertise in general, or recruit for another group.

Don’t advertise any social media accounts.

Blackmail and threats will not be tolerated, if you do, you are a subject of termination.

Spamming any text channels is not allowed.

No flirting or ODing with people in any official DW server.

Racial, sexual slurs will not be tolerated

if ur not hydrated ur getting ban

Moderate swearing is permitted, excessive swearing will result in punishment.

Do not ping the owners under any circumstance. Only SA+ is exempt from this