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Racism, sexism, and any other form of bigotry is not permitted. Instant perm ban. Go outside.

1. Please try to remain IC (In Character) as often as possbile.

2. Refrain from metagaming. I.E knowing exactly how to use 914 as a class d, Finding someones location with spectator mode.
However, MTF will know what SCPs are on site if facility personnel are able to call them out over the radio. Use common sense.

3. Intentional friendly fire is not permitted without a valid reason, IE failure to comply with orders.

4. As per foundation policy, All personnel must close doors behind them. This rule is null in the event of a breach or GOI invasion.

5. Do FearRP.

6. The Alpha Warhead is NOT to be used BY FOUNDATION PERSONNEL unless approval is gained from the hoster, and only the hoster. GOIs may detonate the warhead if they wish. Additionally, the ONLY SCP capable of disarming the Warhead is SCP 049.

7. Soundboards are not allowed unless approved by admins beforehand, or if they make sense. Valid use of a soundboard is SCP sounds such as 049 speech, 939 speech, etc. Voice changers are allowed if they do not break character, IE radio effect over speech. Due to soundboards interfering with the Pre Game setup phase, Joke soundboards are not permitted AT ALL.

8. In order to play as an SCP, You MUST read through the discord channel for the associated SCP.

9. All humans on site, by default, know of the most basic ways to counter and stay alive against all SCPs. It's up to the player to decide if they are a clueless class D or a seasoned test subject.

10 .If there is a problem in game, like your stuck in your cell as d class or something is ruining rps please use #roleplay-problems and ping a staff member about the problem