[US EAST] <b>The Nut Punchers

Join the Discord! (Click the invite link!): https://discord.gg/NvMmhUSJEk


1. Use common sense, people.

2. No cheating, hacking, or abusing glitches for an advantage.

3. No threatening, bullying, slurs, or doxxing.
(No sensitive subjects either, we're here to chill.)

4. Don't close doors on your teammates. You know who you are.

5. Try not to suicide/leave when you're an SCP at the start of the round.

6. No killing any disarmed or obedient Class D/Scientists.
(Running or fighting Class D/Scientists can be terminated.)

7. Some teaming is allowed (Class D/Scientist), (SCP, Class D), etc.
(Scientist/Insurgent isn't allowed, for example.)

8. Micspamming is allowed, just don't overdo it.

To see the list of plugins we use, join the Discord!