Regrettable SCP (Scandinavia)
Server hosted in Norway

SCP-914: You can drop or hold card in your hand to upgrade.
SCP-106: Pocket dimension random teleport.
SCP-106: Pocket dimension random exit
FF: 50% (this means you do 50% of damage on teammates)

Teamkilling will automatically ban you for 1 hour if:
You kill 6 players or deal 500 team damage pr round.
You kill 4 players or deal 300 team damage pr life.
You kill 3 players or deal 250 team damage within 180 seconds.
You kill 2 players or deal 180 team damage within 120 seconds of spawning.

1. Be nice (cursing is allowed as long as it's not meant to insult).
2. No cheats/exploits etc.
3. No camping for long periods, especially if you think you are the last on your team.
4. No team sabotage (hoarding cards, messing with 914 dials, closing doors on people, trapping teammates, etc.)
5. Don't kill teammates without good reason.
6. No music or general mic-spam on radio, intercom and as spectator. If ANYONE asks you to stop, please stop.
7. Don't suicide/leave the game as SCP (also applies to 049-2) except if you need to stop playing.

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